Wednesday, June 11, 2014


another (designer) blogger make posting category like 'insta discoveries' or 'links loved' that they review and share the links to their readers. kinda new references for creating process or we call it inspiration. since i'm a marketing student i think it'll be good if i make a 'Brand discoveries' as my new posting category and i gonna discuss the interesting part of them. what do you think? lately i thinking a lot that one of these days i'm going to make a branding company for startups.

okay, today i found these cute and lovely brands. first it is 'EMPORIUM PIES'
emporium pies is speciality pie shop in the heart of the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff, Dallas. the pies are handmade and their offerings change with the seasons. i like their main design, combination of beautiful flowers and yummy pies. it makes you feel into the sweet island at sunday. Hhehhe. you can visit them here

second is 'BATCH ICE CREAM'
who doesn't like ice cream? I’m sure every body like them right?. as you can see they have their own truck, on mission to bring it to even more places so that everyone can enjoy a pint of batch. doesn't it bring old memories when you saw the ice cream truck?. i like the idea, its so challenging and bring happiness for anyone who see it. the design so interesting and fun. 
you can visit them here


  1. Great post..I love the packaging of icecream brand..

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  2. i love both packaging! they are so well-thought and looking very inviting <3 thanks for sharing :) i think brand discoveries is a great addition to your blog ;)
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  3. everything looks awesome, i'd love to try the green tea ice cream!

    xx fameliquorlove

  4. nice photograph.. absolutely what we call art work :)

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  5. That Batch ice cream looks amazing, definitely going to look into their brand - love this style of blog post, finding new brands is so much fun!

    Meg |

  6. Ice cream look so delish. Thank you so much for sharing this post.
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  7. such a nice read! i enjoyed it! hope you can take a look at my blog and follow if you'd like!

  8. Love the pie, but the design of Ice cream brand is just amazing. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Nice photos!:)


  10. love the ice cream<3

  11. Love the ice cream design, so simple and elegant.


  12. that's an adorable ice cream packaging!

  13. amazing pick of design.. can't wait to see the 2nd part.. <3


  14. Hello dear!
    Thank you for your comment. =)

  15. loving the emporium design!



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